How Roofing Companies Repair Roofs

How Roofing Companies Repair Roofs

You might be wondering what roofing companies do when repairing your roof. You may have seen them install new shingles, replace old shingles, or repair small holes. Roofing companies also inspect the roof and replace sealant around windows and fixtures. Listed below are the steps they take to repair your roof. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have. Just be sure to contact them if you suspect there is a leak.

They install a new sheet of shingles

How roofing companies repair roofs by installing shingle replacements involves tearing off the old shingles. It’s a quick process, and the roofers will be ready to install the new shingles before you know it. Before shingles are installed, new underlayment is applied to the decking. Underlayments can be made of felt or synthetic materials. Water-repellent synthetic underlayments are preferred in the Upper Midwest.

To prepare the roof for replacement, roofing contractors remove old shingles, roofing nails, and underlayment. The goal is to create a smooth, clean roof deck. They then check the condition of the decking, which is made from plywood or OSB board and attached to the rafters. If it’s rotten or decayed, it cannot support new roofing shingles and could result in further damage to the roof structure.

They inspect the roof for leaks

When repairing a roof, they first look for stains and other visible signs of a leak. Sometimes, however, the cause of the leak isn’t apparent – water is spilling onto the ceiling or dripping from the rafters. To find the source of the leak, a professional inspection is needed. Although rain appears to fall straight down, it usually does so at an angle. Sometimes, the water can make its way under the flashing and into the roof substrate.

In addition to visual signs of a leak, they can also perform a water test to determine the source of the leak. A technician can perform this test by wetting the affected area one section at a time. When it’s too complex for a homeowner to diagnose a leak, a professional can recommend ways to fix the problem. When a homeowner tries to make a roof repair on their own, they may only fix small problems or save themselves thousands of dollars.

They are experienced in detecting leaks

There are many common signs of roof leaks, including watermarks, stains, and rotting wood. Water pools where it is least resistant, so leaks can appear months or even years after the roof has been installed. A musty odor is another clue, indicating a leak. Roofing companies are trained to spot these signs, which can be tricky if you don’t have a roof that’s easy to access.

Roofers are highly trained to spot leaks and will often ask for the homeowner’s approval before they carry out an invasive inspection. Some leaks may require removing entire sections of roofing material. A more thorough inspection may reveal that the decking underneath the roofing material is failing. Leak detection is essential to preventing costly roof damage. However, the process can be intrusive. If a contractor recommends this method, they’ll usually include it in the estimate so that the homeowner can approve it before a roof repair begins.

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